S'mores 'N More

We hope to see you around the bonfire this summer!

What is it?

We are blessed to have many new people who have started to make Silver Creek their church, which is so awesome! We want to create an opportunity to get to know other people from our church family. Over the course of the summer there will be bonfire nights hosted by a number of families from the church around our area. You are encouraged to pick a couple dates and locations that work with your family's schedule to join in on the fun! No pressure, no agenda, just S'mores!

Where and when?

Carl & Kay Bammert - SOUTH MQT - July 16 & August 20

Jesse & Megan Ogea - ISHPEMING - July 8

Deb England - HARVEY - July 30 & August 6

AJ & Jennifer Prus - CITY OF MARQUETTE - August 13

Janet Anderson - CROSSROADS - August 16

John & Sharon Shifflette - KI SAWYER - July 27 & August 24

CHECK BACK SOON - More locations and times will be added!

How can I sign up?

That's easy! Check the list above for locations and times that may work for you and your family! Indicate below which bonfire you'd like more information about and we will get the necessary info out to you!