Learn how you can support the ministries of Silver Creek Church!

Why do we give?

We believe, teach and practice the Biblical principle of tithing. Tithe means a tenth, so when we tithe, we give 10% of our income to God. God not only calls us to give as an act of obedience but to give generously. Once you begin tithing, we would like you to consider giving above and beyond to Kingdom Builders.

Each year we set specific goals for missions work and outreach that takes place through your Kingdom Builders giving. This giving helps us support global missions, local ministries, strategic partnerships and community outreach here at home.

Ways to Give

Credit or Debit card

We make use of our credit or debit cards on a daily basis so it only makes sense to give in the same manner! Not only is it quick, easy and secure but it lets you take advantage of any rewards programs your card provider has to offer.

Direct deposit

With the convenience of Direct Deposit Giving you can establish a giving schedule that is both consistent and comfortable for your budget. You can set up automatic withdrawals either from your checking or savings account. Note: There is an authentication period to set up Direct Deposit Giving.


When it's not convenient to use your checkbook or cash, try our easy Text-to-Give option! From your smartphone, simply enter 84321 and follow the provided prompts to get started. You will be receive a reply with a LINK to a page where you will be able to set up an account that is associated with your card.

Once your account is set up, all you do is text 84321 and the amount to give your regular offering [Example: $20]. You may also text the amount with a short code to give to a specific fund. [Example: $20 greater] You will find a few of the available short codes listed below:

  • greater - all giving to the Greater Things fund pays down current debt with the plan to build a new worship space.
  • kingdom - all giving to Kingdom Builders is used to support global missions, local ministries, strategic partnerships and community outreach.
  • stl - all funds are used for Speed the Light which is a youth initiated organization that helps provide essential transportation and communication equipment to missionaries around the world.

If you have questions about setting up online giving, you can call the church office at 906-249-1715 or you can email Pastor Ben.