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star wars

If you haven’t heard about it by now, I don’t know where you’ve been. Starting last week we have been doing a Star Wars based lesson in Children’s Church.  Last week our lesson was called……

Long, Long Ago –  We learned that Jesus came to bring the light to the darkness of this world. His arrival was so important that it was talked about by prophets hundreds of years (also known as long, long ago) before his birth. Micah 5:1-5, Bethlehem Prophecy

This week our lesson was called……

Our Only Hope – We learned that Joseph and Mary were  just simple people who loved God.  And God chose them for a special mission: to be the parents to Jesus, Savior of mankind and the light of the world. Matthew 1:18-25, The Birth of Jesus

We are having so much fun with the kids! This is such a fun and exciting series to do. Each week we look forward to sharing not only the true meaning of Christmas but the true meaning of the birth of Jesus too! On top of that we have Jedi training, crazy cantina band dance time and Yoda pops up randomly! We also have Nebulas in glass jars and on week four we’ll have a photo booth set up for the kids!  You should come down and check it out. Seeing you there, we look forward to!

Editors note…  If you’re wondering, “How do I bring this home?”  or “How can we connect what kids are learning in Children’s church to what we’re doing at home?”  Both great questions and I’m glad you asked.  Here’s one for you… This week at dinner here are some conversation starters:

  • Why did Joseph want to stop his marriage to Mary?
  • How did God change Joseph’s mind?
  • How does Jesus’ birth show us that God keeps His promise?
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