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If your children are anything like mine, the moment they walk out of an activity they develop an immediate and serious case of amnesia. Questions like “What did you do today?” or “What did you learn about?” become so impossible to answer you may as well be asking them to spell antediluvian. Pressuring them to answer only seems to make things worse. They go from being able to tell you they had a good time, to suddenly, no longer remembering anyone or anything from said event. If this is a familiar tale of woe, keep reading. We want to keep you informed. Check back weekly to find out what we did in Children’s church. Maybe it will even spark a discussion…

Free to Come

We hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July! I know we sure did. We had the opportunity to visit with friends, eat a lot of food, and even watch the fireworks. What a wonderful way to celebrate our freedom.
In children’s church last week we took a moment to talk about that freedom. How amazing is it that we are able to live in a country that is free? Our ancestors were able to travel here and enter this country seeking a better life.
Today, it’s a little harder for people to enter this country. The American Dream still exists, but there is a limit on who can receive it. You may be ineligible if too many people from your country have already entered the U.S., you have  a criminal record, or if your paperwork isn’t in perfect order.
How great is it that there are no prequalification’s for entering into God’s family? It doesn’t matter how many people beat you there, how imperfect you are, or what you have done in the past. He will take you as you are. All you have to do is come.

Hope to see you this Sunday!

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A Show of Worth

The last time we were in Children’s Church the kids were learning all about worship. We walked into church thinking we were going to teach them about all the ways God has for us to worship Him. We were in for a huge surprise! When we asked the kids to tell us the correct way to worship God they had a variety of answers. They told us we could pray, sing, dance, praise, get on our knees or sit in a chair or even get to your feet. You can raise your hands or clap them or even use them to play music. Once they blew us away with their answers we were able to teach them something! The kids learned that the word worship means “a show of worth.” We worship God to show Him how much He is worth to us! The kids got a chance to worship in “big church” and I think they did a great job of demonstrating worship!

If you haven’t noticed we have been out of town for the last few Sunday’s. We are now back and excited to see all the kids next Sunday! Don’t forget to stop by and say “HI!”

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We were made to serve God! 5.10.15

This last week in Children’s Church we learned about King Manesseh. King Manesseh grew up learning about God but, when he became king he choose not to serve God. It was quite a journey for Manesseh to find his way back to what he knew was right. Eventually he became the king God wanted him to be.
It is so important that we continue to serve God in our lives and that we don’t get caught up in the distractions of the world. It is impossible for us to focus in both directions. The kids explored how hard it is to try to do just that – they attempted to follow two different sets of directions at the same time. You can imagine how that worked out! As kids, and adults, we need to have single-minded focus and that focus need to be on God!

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We Were Made to Love 5.3.15

This week in Children’s Church Chloe helped us make a cake. We started with flour and added grapes to sweeten it, marshmallows to help hold it together, coffee as a liquid, soy sauce to give it some flavor, and we even helped it rise with an air pump. Once we had our cake all mixed up we used a blow dryer to try and bake it. Quickly, we all realized that Chloe’s cake just wasn’t going to work. You see, the ingredients we used were not made for going into a cake.

We read more about David and how he was willing to act like a fool to show his love for God. David loved God and was even called a man after God’s own heart. He wasn’t perfect, and neither are we. But, if we strive to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength we can show others exactly what we were made to do – We were made to love!

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A Good Friend 4.19.15

This week we learned all about friendship! Chloe stopped by to tell us about her friends and we decided she could definitely benefit from a lesson on friendship. If you want to check in with your child this week, try asking them what kids of friends Chloe had.

The lesson for the week focused on David and Jonathon. We used the Jonathon as an example of a biblical depiction of friendship. Jonathon shows us that a good friend seeks after God, is loyal, loving, faithful, honest, trustworthy, strong (or brave), and kind. The kids were each able to take an arrow and write on it an aspect of friendship that they felt was valuable. The arrows are currently decorating our wall. Feel free to stop down and look them over. For an added bonus, ask your child to show you theirs!


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