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If your children are anything like mine, the moment they walk out of an activity they develop an immediate and serious case of amnesia. Questions like “What did you do today?” or “What did you learn about?” become so impossible to answer you may as well be asking them to spell antediluvian. Pressuring them to answer only seems to make things worse. They go from being able to tell you they had a good time, to suddenly, no longer remembering anyone or anything from said event. If this is a familiar tale of woe, keep reading. We want to keep you informed. Check back weekly to find out what we did in Children’s church. Maybe it will even spark a discussion…

A Super Review

We have had a SUPER seven weeks in children’s church learning how to be unique and Godly Superheros. The kids have enjoyed wearing costumes, participating in Super Villain Challenges, and earning points for their own Superhero League.

Image result for superhero

Over the past several weeks we have been very active!

  • Week One we were taught the importance of Loving our Parents – after all, even Superheros have parents or mentors who they listen to. God gave us parents to teach us to follow Jesus and do the right thing!
  • Week Two we learned to be Slow to Speak – Super-villains love to run their mouths! It often gets them into trouble. If they would listen more and be slow to speak maybe things would turn out differently.

  • Week Three we found out that God can use bad situations For Good – In Genesis 45 we checked out the story of how Joseph saves his family; we also talked about Bruce Wayne and how he turned the greatest tragedy of his life into something good when he chose to become Batman. Bad things are going to happen, but it’s up to us to give those things to God so that something good can come from them.

  • Week Four we learned that like the Green Lantern our Power Source must come from somewhere! As Christians, we need to stay close to Jesus, the source of our power.

  • Week Five we discovered Secret Lairs – every Superhero has one and every kids should too! We all need a special place where we can get away and talk to God. We encouraged kids to find their own secret lair and use it throughout the week to pray.
  • Week Six we talked about Gifts.  Antman might get laughed at, but he still has some special powers. God has gifted all of us in special ways so that we can serve Him and others. (King Josiah was a pretty awesome example of just how much difference a Godly kid can make!)

  • This week we explored Team Work. Peter and Cornelius had to figure some things out…The Avengers did too! We might be different but God loves each and every one of us! If we work together and value each other, we can do some pretty amazing things for God.

    Make it a point to talk to your child about one of these topics. Ask them how they are gifted or where they like to pray. Do they have a secret lair? If not, maybe you can create one together this week!

    We look forward to seeing you next week as we talk about the importance of doing the small stuff. After all, even Superman took the time to save a kitten from a tree!

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Star Wars


star wars

If you haven’t heard about it by now, I don’t know where you’ve been. Starting last week we have been doing a Star Wars based lesson in Children’s Church.  Last week our lesson was called……

Long, Long Ago –  We learned that Jesus came to bring the light to the darkness of this world. His arrival was so important that it was talked about by prophets hundreds of years (also known as long, long ago) before his birth. Micah 5:1-5, Bethlehem Prophecy

This week our lesson was called……

Our Only Hope – We learned that Joseph and Mary were  just simple people who loved God.  And God chose them for a special mission: to be the parents to Jesus, Savior of mankind and the light of the world. Matthew 1:18-25, The Birth of Jesus

We are having so much fun with the kids! This is such a fun and exciting series to do. Each week we look forward to sharing not only the true meaning of Christmas but the true meaning of the birth of Jesus too! On top of that we have Jedi training, crazy cantina band dance time and Yoda pops up randomly! We also have Nebulas in glass jars and on week four we’ll have a photo booth set up for the kids!  You should come down and check it out. Seeing you there, we look forward to!

Editors note…  If you’re wondering, “How do I bring this home?”  or “How can we connect what kids are learning in Children’s church to what we’re doing at home?”  Both great questions and I’m glad you asked.  Here’s one for you… This week at dinner here are some conversation starters:

  • Why did Joseph want to stop his marriage to Mary?
  • How did God change Joseph’s mind?
  • How does Jesus’ birth show us that God keeps His promise?
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Armor of God

Armor of God

Hello. Last week in Children’s Church, (7/26/15), Chloe helped us learn about putting on the Full Armor of God, Ephesians 6:10-18. Well sort of, Chloe was a little confused as to what the Armor of God was and how it was used. With the help of Mrs. Kristy and one of our brave volunteers (who put on the “Armor of God”) we were able to learn what each piece was and what it was not. As part of our worship to help us remember we sang this song- I am a Christian a mighty, mighty Christian

And in other news….


This week in Children’s Church we learned about honesty and why it’s important. We read from Acts 5:1-11. We talked about why it’s important to be honest and tell the truth all the time because God knows when we are being honest. We did an object lesson on how God wants to be near to us and when we lie or are dishonest or if we sin in general we can’t be near to God until we ask for forgiveness of our sins. It involved a bowl of water some pepper and a cotton swab. If you want to know more you can either google it or ask your kiddos!

We are super excited about what God is doing in Children’s Church.  Today we had several kids come down and before church started they were asking what the lesson was going to be about today.  Think about that for a moment……….let it sink in…….. Yeah it’s awesome. The kids are excited to come to church. They are excited to learn about a God who loves them. They are excited to learn about a Savior who sacrificed for them. They are excited to meet God in a real and tangible way. All we can do is say thank you mom and dad and grandma and grandpa and auntie and uncle who bring them to the Lord, who love them enough to invest the time and energy to bring them. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for a God who continues to use the unexpected and the least likely choice to further His kingdom. Thank you to THE Father for allowing us to have this most precious gift, the experience of working with the children at Silver Creek Church.

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The Songs We Sing

The reports are in and you have let us know that your kids are singing the songs we sing in Children’s Church at home! We find this to be amazing, wonderful, awesome… and the list goes on. (Bottom line = we are excited!) Some of you have even asked where you can find some of the music we sing. Well, this post is for you! Below you will find the name of a song that we sing in Children’s Church. Click on it and you will be linked to a youtube video or another site from which you can stream the song. We will continue to add to this list so please check back. If there is a song you are looking for that you do not see below, let us know. Have fun worshipping with your children!

Hosanna Rock

God’s Not Dead

Father Abraham

Sky Spills Over

Fruit of the Spirit




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Prayer Matters

This week in Children’s Church we learned that Prayer matters. It matters to us and it matters to God.  What’s that? How does it matter? I’m glad you asked. Today we learned about Kevin and Karen Prevost and their family, they were missionaries to Spain. One day after church they were visiting with friends. A man was loading the chairs from the service into the Prevosts’ van and their 3 year old son Daniel was following him. Well the van was across the street from the meeting place and when Daniel stepped into the street he was struck by a car…  God miraculously intervened through the power of prayer. We learned that God’s divine will and power has no limits and why prayer is so important. If you want to know the whole story ask your kids how God saved Daniel through the power of prayer.




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