Armor of God

Armor of God

Hello. Last week in Children’s Church, (7/26/15), Chloe helped us learn about putting on the Full Armor of God, Ephesians 6:10-18. Well sort of, Chloe was a little confused as to what the Armor of God was and how it was used. With the help of Mrs. Kristy and one of our brave volunteers (who put on the “Armor of God”) we were able to learn what each piece was and what it was not. As part of our worship to help us remember we sang this song- I am a Christian a mighty, mighty Christian

And in other news….


This week in Children’s Church we learned about honesty and why it’s important. We read from Acts 5:1-11. We talked about why it’s important to be honest and tell the truth all the time because God knows when we are being honest. We did an object lesson on how God wants to be near to us and when we lie or are dishonest or if we sin in general we can’t be near to God until we ask for forgiveness of our sins. It involved a bowl of water some pepper and a cotton swab. If you want to know more you can either google it or ask your kiddos!

We are super excited about what God is doing in Children’s Church.  Today we had several kids come down and before church started they were asking what the lesson was going to be about today.  Think about that for a moment……….let it sink in…….. Yeah it’s awesome. The kids are excited to come to church. They are excited to learn about a God who loves them. They are excited to learn about a Savior who sacrificed for them. They are excited to meet God in a real and tangible way. All we can do is say thank you mom and dad and grandma and grandpa and auntie and uncle who bring them to the Lord, who love them enough to invest the time and energy to bring them. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for a God who continues to use the unexpected and the least likely choice to further His kingdom. Thank you to THE Father for allowing us to have this most precious gift, the experience of working with the children at Silver Creek Church.

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