A Super Review

We have had a SUPER seven weeks in children’s church learning how to be unique and Godly Superheros. The kids have enjoyed wearing costumes, participating in Super Villain Challenges, and earning points for their own Superhero League.

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Over the past several weeks we have been very active!

  • Week One we were taught the importance of Loving our Parents – after all, even Superheros have parents or mentors who they listen to. God gave us parents to teach us to follow Jesus and do the right thing!
  • Week Two we learned to be Slow to Speak – Super-villains love to run their mouths! It often gets them into trouble. If they would listen more and be slow to speak maybe things would turn out differently.

  • Week Three we found out that God can use bad situations For Good – In Genesis 45 we checked out the story of how Joseph saves his family; we also talked about Bruce Wayne and how he turned the greatest tragedy of his life into something good when he chose to become Batman. Bad things are going to happen, but it’s up to us to give those things to God so that something good can come from them.

  • Week Four we learned that like the Green Lantern our Power Source must come from somewhere! As Christians, we need to stay close to Jesus, the source of our power.

  • Week Five we discovered Secret Lairs – every Superhero has one and every kids should too! We all need a special place where we can get away and talk to God. We encouraged kids to find their own secret lair and use it throughout the week to pray.
  • Week Six we talked about Gifts.  Antman might get laughed at, but he still has some special powers. God has gifted all of us in special ways so that we can serve Him and others. (King Josiah was a pretty awesome example of just how much difference a Godly kid can make!)

  • This week we explored Team Work. Peter and Cornelius had to figure some things out…The Avengers did too! We might be different but God loves each and every one of us! If we work together and value each other, we can do some pretty amazing things for God.

    Make it a point to talk to your child about one of these topics. Ask them how they are gifted or where they like to pray. Do they have a secret lair? If not, maybe you can create one together this week!

    We look forward to seeing you next week as we talk about the importance of doing the small stuff. After all, even Superman took the time to save a kitten from a tree!

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